What is a Water Charger & Structuring (Portable Options)

General Description

This highly hand crafted device is derived from the same principles as our Portable/Travel devices and can be used in the same manner. There are attributes within the design that will inherently improve its performance over our standard water revitalizer; whether using pour through methods or as an Odic charger.

Basic Charging occurs by filling the unit with water after ‘booting’ the bottom (spout outlet) shut and corking the top. The unit should then be placed on a coaster or non-metal surface; water entry side down. For drinking protocols the unit should be very effective within 15 minutes to an hour. Alternatively, the unit may be used as a charger for environmental energies and harmonizing.

This unique concept is based on the new understandings of water as an environmental influencer.

Ultimately the design intention is based on experimentation and creativity using water and homeopathic methods to program the unit for specific or general intentions.


Design Genealogy

The CarbonGene Series design is primarily inspired by observations and experiments performed by Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Karl Von Reichenbach, Wilhelm Reich and many others who observed special commonalities in the subtle energies of Nature.

The namesake “CarbonGene” was derived from Schauberger’s use of the term “‘Carbones”/’Carbogene’, which had less to do with Carbon material matter, but more to do with a rise in quality and quantity. It could be interpretated as the ‘Energy type which evolves’ any defined physical substance through different states of rising quality. (Carbon being one of the greatest self examples; from anthracite, graphite, graphene, to diamonds).

The Carbone/Carbogene energy type was considered by Schauberger to be the primary basis for water, in its dominant state of growing and evolving the material of life in a fortifying matter. In essence, ‘Carbones’ are the gene of Carbon and its own evolution – but also everything else. Water is the embodiment of it to a reasonable degree. It represents the core of vibration, the base 12 system of music, the solar cycle, and many other aspects of Universal mechanics. Viktor Schauberger’s observations were and are surprisingly correct when compared to the most modern of physics. This ‘modern physics’ requires timeless music theory in order to superimpose fancy terms and illustrations. From a great deal of internal evidence, we can easily state that water is a superconductor, supercomputer, and directly interacts with human consciousness.


Design Criteria

Create a pleomorphic “living” Odic Charger, by combining the principles of the aforementioned experimenters and developers of technologies which stretched out into the Aether. They were all discovering the same things – that all substance, to some degree possessed a discernable action independent of, but closely connected to magnetism and electricity.

Though magnetism and electricity are generally poorly understood, these co mingled forces are rather simple. Discrete design characteristics of the aforementioned studies are synergistically woven together together in the evolution of the CG series.

No materials are consumed from the unit. The unit design is based on vibrational transference and water resonance with its inner and outer boundaries.


The Gene of Evolution

The CarbonGene series is an evolving design exploring the interaction between rare and or precious materials, specially designed magnetic and electric fields in the direction of the water passage. The electro magnetic components are directed to create – Od. – Od is described as the sweet, cool and refreshing energies typically associated with the humic layer of forest floor which accelerates growth (such as the Redwood forests).

In addition, the water within the unit (while charging) is designed to be “doped” with a user prescribed solution to engage the ‘battery of life’ further. Here the user can engage intention for consumption or field generation to change the energies of the ambient or internal environment.

The user can cultivate their own practice by imploring their own unique solutions and intentions. The device is therefore not static and can be ‘seasoned’ to evolve with personal taste in experimentation and ritual practices involving -OD, or Carbone Energy described by Schauberger.


General Specifications

Dimensions – 9″H X 3″ Wide
Weight: 12oz – 16oz (model dependent)
Std. Finish: CGS – Satin Black; CGX – Gloss Black; CGY Flat Black; CGZ Deep Blue

Unit Base Material Construction: ABS double wall body, HDPE Activated Flow Form
Outer Casing Di Electric Medium: Liquid Glass doped with harmonized precious metals
Exterior Wall Geometry: 12 Wall Exterior, 60 Wall Di-Electric Chamber; Circular inner wall
Activated Flow Form (AFF): Shungite, Quartz, Wide band with trace minerals

Di-Electric Doping particle size: 44 microns – 10 nanometers

CGX, Y and Z base single unit Magnet Strength (Transverse Probe@ Contact: .21 Tesla North; .44 Tesla South

Magnetic Field at periphery of entry throat; Transverse Probe: 400 N Gauss all SMUFA Units.
Magnetic Field at center entry throat of unit: (Transverse and Axial Probe, Certified Calibration +/- 2%).


*All units include authentic cork and rubber stopper, spout boot, Sacred G Coaster and travel bag

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