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That's what we did, and sourced these highly effective brands backed by sound science.

Our company was founded by a husband and wife team of engineers who were looking for safer water for their newborn.

We know that nothing beats 3rd PARTY LAB RESULTS with PROVEN PERFORMANCE for water filters, water structuring devices and EMF harmonization devices.



"this is the first and best purchase I've made for it! The water tastes incredible and I know that it's nourishing the cells on our body with every sip! After the first week of drinking our newly filtered and structured water, I felt my energy levels really spring back to life. I had been feeling pretty worn out and I feel really great now. Clean. Healthy water has been the biggest change I've made that has affected that."

Delphina P.
Director, Prevention Research Center, Mother of Two

"This filter system is the best! I searched tirelessly & finally found a full house system that removes fluoride, in addition to all of the other garbage. The amazing bonus I never expected is the customer service & education that Highbrow provides. I rarely see 100% ethical, helpful & knowledgeable people passionate about their work"

England D.
Founder of England's Primal Health, Mother of Three

"I am so thankful to have found this company. Their customer service is world class as they took time to help me find the perfect solution to my needs. They are true experts in the field who are not looking to just make a sale but to match you up with the right product and they really have taken the time to research the plethora of filtration options out there and focus on those which are tested, certified, proven to deliver great value. You will get the best pricing as well."

Robert J.
Founder: Growth Health Wealth: Fitness Expert, Dog Dad

Absolutely thrilled with our purchase of the under sink highbrow Walter filtration system and the additional purchase of the pitcher. It’s been six months since we installed it and our water tastes amazing. Our cooking tastes better as well. We even use it to fill our dogs water bowl and he now refuses any other water! Dogs know! Haha! Honestly best investment we’ve ever made! Additionally Tinavalen and her team provided exceptional customer service. Ensuring I got my packages delivered on time and following up to make sure we were happy with our purchase. Good customer care is critical to a successful business and she delivers this flawlessly. Grateful for her support and love supporting a small business owner!

Mo V.
Real Estate Agent, Mother of 2

From the very first inquiry through our home install, she (TV from Highbrow) was available quickly for all the information requested. She has been a ‘fountain’ of knowledge through the entire process. We took months to decide which way to go for our home’s filtration needs and she was a wonderful support along the way; after all: this decision can become overwhelming when there are endless options available yet you want the best for your family. I am thrilled with the quality of the water using our new “clearly filtered 3 stage under the sink” unit! Having the lab results easily accessible to read, along with the customer support, gave us the confidence in our choices. We also purchased the ProPur shower filters and love knowing we’re not bathing in filthy water anymore. When USPS first tried to deliver it was unsuccessful and TV called me personally to ensure the next attempt to deliver was a success. Truly outstanding. Couldn’t be happier with our water filtration system and with the team at Highbrow!

Alison O.

We are so grateful for our Propur Gravity Filter. It fits perfectly on top of our kitchen counter and it give us the peace of mind that the water we are drinking and cooking with is of the highest quality. Additionally their customer service is amazing. They took their time to answer my questions and show me all my options - then they respectfully allowed me to make my own decision. I have been amazed at how researched and knowledgeable they are about water. I plan to buy more products from them including their water structuring products and a whole house water filtration system. They are honest, have all the data to back up their products and they truly care.

Damary R.
Real Estate Agent, Mother of 1
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Did you know we offer more than water filtration products?  Organic storable food, 5G protection for whole house as well as 5G blocking gear, organic low processed nutrient dense vegetable powders, Non GMO heirloom seeds, gluten free emergency storable food buckets, water structuring (living water) devices to name a few.  Why?  Clean water is only PART of the healing journey and everyone can benefit from purifying and boosting our health.