Why You Need a Multi-Stage Water Filter for Your Whole House

8 Benefits of Whole House Water Filters

While almost everyone will accept that having a water filter in your home is essential, most people don’t know that just having one filter at the kitchen sink might not be enough. Even though water is deemed potable doesn’t mean it’s 100% safe for you to drink.


Whole house water filters do so much more than a single filter


Here are 8 benefits of a whole house filter that you’re missing out on!


1.      Removes Microplastics

On average, one person consumes over 74,000 microplastics every year. That’s equivalent to about one credit card a week. A whole house water filter can remove microplastics from your household water, giving you healthier, cleaner water for your entire family.


2.      Healthier Hair

If you’ve ever been to the beach, you know that the salty water leaves your hair dry and brittle.


Unfiltered water contains damaging contaminants that strip away your hair’s healthy, natural oils. That’s why filtered water isn’t just for drinking. When you shower with clean water, your hair becomes softer and stronger—and color-treated hair will preserve its shine and vividness.


3.      Clearer Skin

You guessed it. Clean water isn’t just good for your hair. It’s great for your skin, too. The contaminants found in unfiltered water can cause dry, itchy, and rashy skin.


Over time, hardworking hands become calloused and dry. It doesn’t happen in one night. The same goes for skin damaged by hard unfiltered water. After days or years of washing your largest organ with chemicals, you’ll see the negative effects.


If you want baby-smooth skin, or if you want to protect your babies’ skin, a whole house water filter is a must.


4.      Remove Chlorine

Commercially treated water—like the kind that shows up at your house—often contains unhealthy levels of chlorine. This contaminant does more than dry out your skin and hair. It can even lead to skin conditions like eczema and asthma.


Imagine bathing in, or worse, drinking pool water that stinks of chlorine. Now imagine doing that every day at home. It’s bad for your health. What’s worse is when you take a hot shower, you begin to breathe in the chemicals in the water.


Children and people with sensitive skin are especially prone to the harmful effects of chlorine in the water.


5.      Cleaner Clothes

When you install a multi-stage whole house water filter, you’ll be getting clean water everywhere. And that includes the washing machine. Since filtered water is free of contaminants, its molecules are less sticky.


Imagine washing your clothes with a big bar of soap versus liquid soap. Essentially, the water molecules in filtered water are smaller and more capable of penetrating fabrics. The result? Cleaner clothes, brighter colors, and more comfort.


6.      Remove Fluoride

Fluoride is good for your teeth, but it’s not great to ingest, bathe in, or wash your clothes with. After all, would you add toothpaste to your drinking water, bathwater, or washing machine?


Many places in the US enrich the water with fluoride because it prevents tooth decay. However, consuming large amounts of fluoride is bad for your health—particularly bone health.


7.      Natural Detox

Water is a life-giving source that can aid in detoxes—however, if that very water contains toxins, it won’t do a great job. Imagine trying to wash your clothes with murky water. They might get cleaner, but they’ll never be totally clean. The same concept applies to the water in your home.


When you have filtered water throughout your whole house, you’ll be detoxing naturally whenever you drink or cleanse. You’ll have more energy, get cleaner, and rid your body of toxins.



8.      Peace of Mind

When you invest in a multi-stage whole house water filter, you’ll have peace of mind that your water is not just drinkable but clean and safe for you and your family. The confidence of knowing that your home’s water is free of toxic chemicals will reduce stress and create a sense of safety—and that is priceless.


Get a Whole House Water Filter for Your Home

If you want to reap every benefit above and more, consider installing a ProHome 4-Stage Whole House Water Filter to protect you and your family, inside and out. When you install a multi-stage whole house water filter, you can feel confident that your water is free of over 220 contaminants.


The ProHome 4-Stage Whole House Water Filter removes:

  • heavy metals
  • viruses and bacteria
  • PFOA and PFOS
  • herbicides and pesticides
  • chlorine and chloramines


If you’re interested in having healthier, cleaner, safer water by installing a whole house filter and have questions for a water filter expert, talk to a professional at Highbrow Water Filters today.












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