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Why Choose Highbrow Emergency Storable Foods?

While Emergency Storable Foods from Highbrow might not be the cheapest storable food on the market, we partner with brands with the BEST INGREDIENTS and most DELICIOUS meals.  This includes options like: Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Heirloom as well as conventional choices.  When the disaster hits, you are going to be so grateful that you got tasty nutritious meals and not the gruel that some other companies package up.  


This is INSURANCE YOU CAN EAT, so check this important task off your list TODAY.  Avoid long delays or "out of stock" situation from a supply chain break down.

Preparedness advisors recommend at least 3-6 months’ worth of food for EACH person in your emergency preparedness plan.  

For disasters or emergencies at a national or global level, you may want to consider more.

Be prepared with NO REGRETSReadyWise and Highbrow Disaster Prep


Our Best Seller and a great example is our 720 Servings Bundle:

ReadyWise [720 Servings] Full Delicious Meals [Emergency Disaster Storable Food Prep]

This bundle can help a family of 4 survive through 3 weeks.  Knowing that historically some power outages last longer than 3 weeks (even after a Category 1 hurricanes), many families are choosing bigger bundles so that they don't have any regrets. 

It's wise to invest in food storage.  It's insurance you can eat.

With up to a 25 year shelf life, this set of food kits will provide peace of mind allowing you to feel secure in your ability to thrive during a major emergency. Use extra food and seeds you may have for barter too.

People need 1800-2200 calories per day.  This is what that looks like during normal times:

1800 Calories in a Day from blog.myfitnesspal.com


If you are uncertain that you can forage, grow, hunt and fish this much food to keep your family fed every day, we are here to help.


Highbrow Water Filters Emergency Disaster Prep

What disasters can happen?

  • Food infrastructure collapse/famine (like California wildfires covering all their crops in ash)
  • Hurricanes (like we have in Florida) can leave you for weeks without power and destroy the local infrastructure 
  • Social Unrest (imagine living in Portland right now) or extended military conflicts
  • Depressions and financial collapse (like quantitative easing billions of dollars/day)
  • Global natural disasters like super volcanoes (Yellowstone), meteors, tsunamis, earthquakes and more
  • Power grid collapse possibly caused by solar flares, EMP device or nuclear detonation, terrorism, deep state sabotage. 

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