What is Structured Water? Why do I need Structured Water?

Structure? I Hardly Know Her!


Have you ever heard the term “structured water”? Water structuring is a concept that may not be all too familiar to many people. If hearing the phrase water “structuring” makes you think of building something out of water, then it is worth mentioning that you are thinking of igloos. The process of creating structured water differs from that in a few ways.  

 *Check out "Different Ways to Structure Water" article for more images and information

There are some common questions surrounding structured water. Those hard-hitting questions include some old favorites such as What? Why? Should you? And of course, our personal favorite, how?


What On Earth is Structured Water? Structured water refers to water that has a molecular structure that is like a snowflake, hexagonal. This makes its molecular structure similar to that of water that has not been adulterated by humans innovation. Structuring helps water to mimic the qualities of the natural spring water that can be found flowing down mountains and into streams bouncing off of smooth river rocks instead of sharp grid pipes.

 Structured Water Snowflake Highbrow Water Filters

Why Would Anyone Want to Drink Structured Water? For starters, structured water has a positive effect on the blood cells. It helps the body in its absorption of key minerals and nutrients. It works to remove toxins from the body and detoxify blood cells. It also helps to bolster the immune system. The positive effect on the blood cells also means improvement in your disc and cartilage health. In addition to these great benefits, structured water also promotes healthy skin. Staying well-hydrated with structed water means saying goodbye to dry and itchy skin. Proper hydration is also essential in weight management.  Of course, if all of these great benefits are not enough to convince you of the superiority of structed water, it also imparts all these great qualities when given to pets. When you do eventually make the switch, please ensure you are sharing your structed water with Rover.


Should You Be Using Structured Water? If you have read this far, then you have read the above “why” section and learned of all of the wonderful benefits to your blood cells that come along with the switch to structured water. If you are a fan of maintaining proper hydration – and who isn’t? – then making the change is a great idea. In addition to the benefits that have already been discussed, showering with structured water means that the you will be free of the contaminates that end up in the steam produced when showering with municipal water.  This is yet another benefit for which your blood cells will one day thank you.


How to Make the Switch to Structured Water: Now that you are convinced that you would like to remain hydrated, improve your cartilage health, maintain healthy blood cells, and keep your dog happy, there are a couple of options to consider when making the move to structured water:


  1. Whole House Water Structing Unit: There are a couple of options if you are looking for a whole house unit. You can go with a whole house unit that supports fewer than three bathrooms. If you happen to have three to six bathrooms, then HD unit will easily meet your needs. These units will cover all the water needs of your home from kitchen to bathroom.
  2. Shower Only: If you are not ready to take the plunge – and that pun is intended – into a whole house unit, consider the shower only A shower filter will remove chlorine, pesticides, sulfur, and a slew of other toxic minerals that no one wants to bathe in. Give it a try and enjoy the benefits of smoother skin and silkier hair.
  3. Portable Structuring: If you are interested in the idea of structuring on the go, then a portable filter is the perfect fit for you. Use it to pour just one glass of water. Take it with you when dining out. The portable unit is easy to clean, and it is maintenance free. It comes in three different colors, so you may want to get a few of them to match your outfit of the day.
  4. Swimming Pool: If you are not ready to immerse your life into structured water, perhaps you are interested in immersing your entire body? That’s where the swimming pool water structuring unit comes in. With the reduction in hard water mineral deposits, your swimming pool will soon feel like a giant bath of silk.
  5. Commercial: If you are dreaming even bigger when it comes to structured water, a commercial unit may be just what you need. Since this unit does such a big job, installation by a licensed plumber is required. This unit is perfect for restaurants, breweries, and public pools.


Now that you have learned all there is to know about structured water, where will you start? Does a handy portable unit meet all of  your hydration needs? Or are you ready for a whole house unit to make sure your hair and skin are getting in on the fun? If you are having trouble deciding which product to choose when starting out, check out these frequently asked questions. Not only do our products come with a fantastic 10-year warranty, but they also have a generous 90-day return policy. If you give one of our units a try, and it turns out that you absolutely despise your soft skin, silky hair, lack of toxins, and improved effect on your blood cells, then you have the option to return your unit. But – spoiler alert – after 90 days of top-notch hydration and bathing in silky, smooth comfort, you will not be interested in that return.  They may have to pry it from your sleek, silken hands.


We invite you to check out our water structuring options here. It is a great resource for more information and for purchase info, pricing, and product availability.

Or, better yet, give us a call so we can teach you how making the switch to structured water is the way to go. We are here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you and meeting another future structured water fan.

(813) 485-5315

  *Check out "Different Ways to Structure Water" article for more images and information

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