Lab Results for ProPur Products

Please see the links below based on product type.


ProMax Under Counter and Countertop LAB REPORT

For the PMC-3000 and PMC-3002

PMC-4000 and PMC-4002


All of the Gravity Filters have the same filter media and there are 4 test reports linked below for the following model numbers:

PS3-035SL - Scout                                     P3-202POG - BIG

P3-102POG - Traveler                                P3B-202POG - BIG

P3B-102POG - Traveler                              P3-402POG - King

P3-1515POG - Nomad                                P3B-402POG - King

P3B-1515POG - Nomad

Lab Report

Mycrocystin Report

Mineral Report

Microbiological Report