ProPur Installation Instructions

HOME®WATER FILTERSPropur®HOME Whole House Water Filtration SystemNow there’s a Propur® for your entire home! The most advanced 4 stage compact filtration system.Featuring groundbreaking filtration technology - ProMaxTM FULL SPECTRUM HOME!Proformance tested to NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, P231 and 401 across a broad spectrum of 220+ contaminants including VOC’s, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVC’s, disinfectants, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, micro-organisms, taste and odor by an independent certified water testing laboratory. Ongoing emerging contaminants - ongoing testing including latest testing for PFOA, PFOS, Parasites (Copepods, Blue-Green Algae), Haloacetic Acids, Microcystin and micro-plastics. See the com-plete lab report on the Propur® HOME system at®HOME (SYSTEM) OVERVIEW:SYSTEM INCLUDES:3 - stage filter tank assembly with rack 6 - ¾” push fit connectors 3 - connector tubes and tube supports 1 - ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron filter assembly with wrench and mounting bracket5 - ¾” PEX tubing with tube supportsREAD CAREFULLY AND FOLLOW ALL INFORMATION INCLUDED IN THIS INSTRUCTION MANUAL. SOME LOCAL AND STATE CODES MAY REQUIRE THE USE OF A LICENSED QUALIFIED PLUMBING PROFESSIONAL OR A CERTIFIED INSTALLER WHEN DISRUPTING A POTABLE WATER LINE. INSTALLATION AND USE MUST COMPLY WITH ALL STATE AND LOCAL PLUMBING CODES. RETAIN THIS MANUAL FOR FUTURE REFERENCE.Optional Pre-sedimentfilter assemblyElectroChargedTMSub-micron filter assemblyPr MaxTMWhat’s inside ProMaxTM set’s it apart. FULL SPECTRUM HOME
IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY PRIOR TO INSTALLATIONINTENDED USE FOR THE PROPUR® HOME WHOLE HOUSE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM: This SYSTEM is designed for point-of-entry installation for residential use in filtering either municipal or well potable water. To validate the warranty, installation, use and maintenance of the Propur HOME system must conform to specifications, limitations and instructions stated within this manual. For well water use, we recommend your water be tested for pH, hardness, iron and bacteria. Iron level >.3 mg/I, may require a water softener system (Propur® PH-2000) as this could affect the performance of the SYSTEM. The use of a Pre-sediment filter and other equipment may be necessary to address your particular water condition(s), and if necessary, to protect the SYSTEM. Propur® offers a City Water Test Kit and Well Water Test Kit for checking water. Visit your authorized Propur® dealer or WARNING1. Do NOT use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before the system2. Do NOT install the system or adjacent filter housing(s) near electrical wiring or piping which may be in the path when securing SYSTEM to a wall3. Do NOT install SYSTEM on its side or in direct sunlight4. SYSTEM should be installed in a dry location protected from the elements including freezing5. Should the home electrical system require the use of the cold water system as an electrical safety ground, a jumper MUST be used to ensure a sufficient ground connection across the filter system installation. 6. Pressure MUST be released in the ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron filter assembly prior to removing the filter sumpCAUTION1. Be careful not to over-tighten any connections to avoid damage or cracks to connections which could result in damage and or leaks2. Use only approved thread sealant such as Teflon tape or Teflon paste when making connections. When using paste thread sealant, label must state suitable for use with PVC and NSF approved. Some sealant pastes may contain solvents which can soften threads resulting in damaged fittings and leakage3. If an irrigation/sprinkler system is present upstream of the system, a one-way check value MUST be installed to protect your SYSTEM4. Installation such as apartment dwelling may require a vacuum breaker valve5. For well water installation, install SYSTEM after pressure tank 6. For city water installation, install SYSTEM after meter7. In areas of known high sediment (such as New York), a Pre-sediment filter assembly is recommended8. ElectroCharged™ Sub-micron filter assembly requires 3” of space below sump in order to replace filter9. DO NOT install where ambient temperature may go above 110°F (43.3°C)10. DO NOT install without a pressure limiting valve should the water pressure exceed 100 psi (690kPa).11. DO NOT install on the hot water supply line12. Fuel or electrical power supply going to water heater may need to be shut off during installation after water supply is shut off13. To avoid risk of property damage due to water leakage or to replace tanks or filter cartridge, a bypass line with ball valves MUST be installed as shown in Assembly Diagram14. The SYSTEMMUST be flushed/purged before being connected to the main plumbing. This helps prevent media fines from discharging into the home plumbing and water appliances. Follow instructions (16) under GETTING STARTEDIMPORTANT NOTES1. Before starting installation, shut off main water supply, drain pipes and release pressure as necessary2. Check for leaks after completing installation3. Failure to follow instruction manual will void warranty