Simple Tips to Know When to Change Your Water Pitcher Filter

The simple tricks and tips to knowing when to change your pitcher filter

We get the question all the time, "How do I know when to change my filter?" Well, here are two tips to help you and your family make that calculation.

Remember, these tips are based on our independent Lab Test Results, personal experiences using our own products, and recommendations based on average water quality. Because water quality varies significantly we always recommend changing your filter ahead of time. As mama always said, "Better safe than sorry!"

We never recommend a pitcher filter is used longer than 6 months as once a filter has been exposed to water it can begin to oxidize and over time will no longer remove the contaminants at a level it once did.

Tip #1: How many people are using the pitcher and what are they using it for?

One of the simplest ways to calculate how often you change your filter is by counting the number of people using it. Of course, there are other uses for water as well as non-human drinkers to take into account as well. Some of those things can include pets, plants, cooking, coffee, and tea.

For a family (high water consumption) we recommend changing your filter every 2-3 months

For a couple (average water consumption) we recommend changing your filter every 3-4 months

For a single user (low water consumption) we recommend changing your filter every 4-6 months


Tip #2: Do a simple math calculation to find out

There is another way to determine when you should change your filter. It is a little more accurate, but also a little more involved. This way requires you to keep track of how many times per day you fill the top reservoir of your pitcher. The life of our pitcher filter is 100 gallons. The top reservoir holds 1/2 gallon. So, if you fill the top reservoir twice per day, that would mean you are putting one gallon of water through the filter per day. So, the filter would reach the end of its 100 gallon life in 100 days, or just over 3 months. Here is the simple math equation to determine the amount of days between each filter change:

200 / # of top reservoir Fills per day = Days Between Filter Changes

For example, I use my pitcher for 2 people, to cook, and to give to my dog every morning and night. I end up filling my top reservoir about 2 times per day. So using the calculation above:

200 / 2 (times filled per day) = 100 Days

I should be changing my filter every 3 - 3.5 months or so. 

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