BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne
BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne

BIG+ Gravity Filter 3 Gal for 4+ People by ProOne

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  • 3rd Party Lab Proven Performance
  • Researched by loved ones, to protect loved ones

propur gravity water filter from highbrow water filters

Get a filter or our body becomes the filter.  Filters work best when they are replaced regularly.


BigPlus is BIGGER for 4+ users

  • 3 Gallon Filtered Water Storage
  • Unit has 3 holes to accommodate 1, 2 or 3 filters
  • Plugs are provided for un-used holes
  • Choose to use more filters for increase flow rate and less frequent replacements
  • "All in One" Filter Technology
  • Made from SS304 stainless steel
  • BPA Free, Lead Free
  • No electricity needed
  • No plumbing needed
  • For use with potable water
  • The first cycle of water generally takes longer but the flow rate will increase with use
  • Made from domestic & imported components.  Factory located in Michigan USA.  Ceramic filters made in UK.

Click HERE to see 3rd Party Lab Test Publication

Click HERE to see:

    • Filter Technology
    • Cycle Times & Replacement Schedule
    • Content
    • Easy to Clean Instructions
    • Installation Instructions
    • How To Use
    • FAQ

Perfect for:

  • Office
  • Kitchen
  • Rentals
  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Bug-Out-Bag

Why is this better than Berkey?

  • Larger capacity
  • Filters are SILVER infused ceramic to help prevent the growth of bacteria
  • No add-on filter required for fluoride reduction
  • No priming required
  • No need to keep the filters saturated when not in use
  • 6" Wire Stand is included FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!
  • Better value, less cost for replacement filters per gallon

    Is ProOne the BEST Choice for YOU?

    The ProOne BIG Stainless Steel Gravity Filter System helps reduce and remove more than 200 contaminants including VOCs, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, pesticides, SVCs, disinfectants, glyphosate, inorganic non-metallics, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, PFOA, PFOS and micro-organisms while leaving good essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.   Feel healthier!  Great for humans, animals and plants! 

    ProOne® Big+ system features: 

    All ProOne® gravity systems feature ProOne® G2.0 all-in-one NSF/ANSI-42 component certified filter technology “ the smarter filterTM. Independent lab tested to NSF standards 42, 53, P231, microplastics,1,4 Dioxane, Microcystin, emerging contaminants, PFOAS (GenX), TTHM™s, bacteria, Fluoride, Lead, Parasites and more. Visit our lab reports for full details on the 200+ tested contaminants.  

    View published third party lab results here.

    What is Included:

    • Stainless Steel Unit
    • Filter(s) (see options above)
    • 304 Stainless Steel Spigot Kit
    • Wrench for easy assembly
    • Hole plug in case user chooses to use only 1 filter instead of 2
    • Non-slip pad
    • 6" Wire Stand
    • Cleaning Sponge
    • Printed Set Up Instructions Click here see Instructions


      Please be certain to check this item will fit where you plan to use it. 

        • 9.25" Diameter
        • 11.75" Height when nested
        • 22.75" Height when assembled with no stand
        • 28.75" Height when using with 6" stand
        • 3 Gal Capacity 


        30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee, 5-year limited warranty (Stainless Steel System), 1-year limited warranty (ProOne® G2.0 filter)

        Replacement Filters:

        ALL ProOne Filter replacement filters also fit ALL Berkey Systems!

            Propur ProOne 5" Filter for Traveler Filter 7" (filters 1000 gallons, 0.26 gallons/hour flowrate) works with Propur Nomad, ProOne Big+ & Berkey

        ProOne formerly ProPur gravity filter 7 inch replacement filterFilter 9" (filters 1200 gallons, 0.5 gallons/hour flowrate) works with Propur King, ProOne BIG+ & Berkey

          The Propur brand has changed their name to ProOne - Same owner and same amazing products!

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          "this is the first and best purchase I've made for it! The water tastes incredible and I know that it's nourishing the cells on our body with every sip! After the first week of drinking our newly filtered and structured water, I felt my energy levels really spring back to life. I had been feeling pretty worn out and I feel really great now. Clean. Healthy water has been the biggest change I've made that has affected that."

          Delphina P.
          Director, Prevention Research Center, Mother of Two

          "This filter system is the best! I searched tirelessly & finally found a full house system that removes fluoride, in addition to all of the other garbage. The amazing bonus I never expected is the customer service & education that Highbrow provides. I rarely see 100% ethical, helpful & knowledgeable people passionate about their work"

          England D.
          Founder of England's Primal Health, Mother of Three

          "I am so thankful to have found this company. Their customer service is world class as they took time to help me find the perfect solution to my needs. They are true experts in the field who are not looking to just make a sale but to match you up with the right product and they really have taken the time to research the plethora of filtration options out there and focus on those which are tested, certified, proven to deliver great value. You will get the best pricing as well."

          Robert J.
          Founder: Growth Health Wealth: Fitness Expert, Dog Dad

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